Kenny Clarkson

Kenny Kenny Kenny, this man is Kenny. What can I say about him? I don't know, he's just one of those indescribable Kennys. To put this in perspective, he's no Kenny Loggins. How do I know, because I have a degree.

Hank Miller

Miller Hank, this man is like a sawmill, in that his name is Miller. He's also like a Hank. Not a Hank Hill per se but I believe he's mowed a few lawns and used a few gallons of propane in his days. Good 'ol Miller, likes to cook with propane to taste the meat, NOT the heat.

Joe Canfield

Eoj Dleifnac, acclaimed Scandinavian bobsled breeder left behind his lucrative career raising purebred steel crafts for sliding down tubes made of ice to pursue music. He now is the world's foremost electric toothbrush player. His solos have blessed the ears of all 15 people nice enough to humor the craft. Download Eoj's "Brush Band" EP coming March 2038.

Corey Teply

I seriously do not know who this guy is. They told me to write bios, and I don't think I met this guy before. I think he plays that one instrument with the black and white buttons, but I'm not sure. Let's see... I think he likes making pancakes and churning butter. At least I imagine he does, I assume he likes to eat breakfast. Oh yeah, his name is Corey Teply, of the Teply family trust.

Alan Schellenberger

Elan Shellybergen works at Shfeffilybergen's burger palace in Detroit, Michigan. There he learnt that circles of meat, sprinkled with bits of real shell provide the digestive system the key nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy. Nela currently lives in Bellingham, commutes to Detroit (he drives a hybrid, don't worry), and plays the acoustic synthesizer in the band Blerp Fuzzle.